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Study 60 min

Study better with Binaural Beats, 60 minutes.

Use this part of the Professional Performance Package when you have to read and study a lot of information, reports, papers or manual then this tool will help to read, study and remember.  It brings you in a relaxed state and it stimulates your memory.
It is an excellent tool for managers, students, researchers and anyone who wants to acquire new knowledge in an efficient and fast manner.

The recording takes you to Alpha brainwave frequencies.
(See the paragraph below about brainwave frequencies)
The frequencies are generated through the use of Binaural Beats, see Binaural Beats, this technique requires the use of headphones or earplugs.


Use headphones or earplugs and start the Studying recording from your iPod or smartphone, you are immediately taken to the desired state of mind.

Includes 21% tax