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Pure Focus 60 min

Pure Focus 60 Min.

Pure Focus Binaural Beats, 60 minutes, use your brain effectively.

When you have a task to perform that needs focus and concentration, you can use this 60 minutes “Pure Focus” recording. It brings you in a state of alert focusing, vitality and concentration on the job. In that state you will deliver quickly and accurately.
It is an excellent tool for managers, students, researchers and anyone who wants to produce quick and good results.
Using the Pure Focus tool makes your life easy when you have to write a paper, make a complicated planning or create a presentation.

The recording takes you to low Beta brainwave frequencies. (See brainwave frequencies)
The frequencies are generated through the use of Binaural Beats, see the separate paragraph about Binaural Beats, this technique requires the use of headphones or earplugs.


Use headphones or earplugs and start the Pure Focus recording from your iPod or smartphone, you are immediately taken to the desired state of mind. You can take a short break after the 60 minutes and then continue (if the job isn’t finished yet).

Includes 21% tax